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  • Oct-06-2017

    Tusker IT Solutions provides a wide range of business services that allow increase performance, efficiency and deliver new idea to achieve the company goals.

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  • Oct-09-2017

    Tusker IT Services in the areas of product design, development & market research, help them to launch their products into the market.

Where we deliver

Our Delivery

Our system integration and application development services maintain consumer to gain consulting and deliver expertise in both end-to-end systems integration and custom application growth We offer consumer long-term testing route map process improvements.

About Us

Tusker IT Solutions culture thrives on seeking out technology and business firsts to significantly change the way organizations design their products and make crucial decisions. Started in 1999 with regional operations in many countries and a staff of more than 200 innovative employees. There is an business spirit that flows and is encouraged throughout our global workforce to develop and get together technology that is relevant to engineering and business.

From thought to execution, we will seek to discover opportunities, reduce operating costs, increase profitability, and enhance readiness for change and competitiveness.

The achievement of the company has been made possible with the continuous improvement of competence in project management, customer focus and technology.

The power behind this success is the dedicated to experienced worked force, supported by a qualified management. We consider our human resources as our best asset and provide a healthy, friendly and progressive work atmosphere to employees and associates.